Etude House Sparkling Toc!s All in One Gel

Etude House Sparkling Toc!s All in One Gel

No, I didn't get the spelling wrong. It's really spelt as 'Toc!s'! Lol. Too many exclamation marks there.
Cutting to the chase, I'm going to review Etude House's new product - Sparkling Toc!s All in One Gel (스파클링 톡스 올인원 젤). I got a friend to get this for me in South Korea when she visited the lovely country! *Wheee*
I like the clear bottle (130ml), it's simple, attractive and makes me feel like getting started on it. According to the saleslady, she advised that this product can be used when your skin is 'in bad condition'.
There's even a checklist! (If you get more than 5 of these mentioned 'symptoms', it's recommended you use this product - as stated on the box)
So what are some 'symptoms' mentioned on the checklist?
- When you're not having enough sleep (I only sleep 6 hours a day! Even when I sleep 10, it never feels enough! *Check!*)
- When you eat instant food (food with alot of MSG / processed foods) for more than 3 to 4 times a week. *Check!*
- When you drink less than 6 cups of water a day.
- If you use the computer more than 4 hours a day. (EVERYBODY in Singapore can't run away from this.) *Check!*
- When makeup doesn't go on your face easily (application)  *Check!*
- When no matter how much skincare / makeup you use, your skin doesn't look good.  *Check!*
AHHH, I need to use this RIGHT AWAY!!! *Freaking out*
But hold your horses! Before we all start freaking out, this product can be used on anybody's skin who is 'stressed' or tired looking and needs a good perk-me-up. Even if they don't have more than 5 of those symptoms above.
Basically, you're supposed to use this product for 7 days consecutively to improve your dull and rough looking skin. The gel is made from some tonic sparkling water and the yellow bits in it are mostly your vitamin Cs and lemon extracts.
Opening Ceremony!
How to use: 
- Use spatula (provided) to apply a small portion on your face.
- Massage onto your face and neck till complete absorption. Please AVOID the eye area. When messaging your neck with the product, apply in an upward motion.
My advice: Do not apply too much, as it'll become really difficult to absorb. Just a little will do - test the amount on your skin first.
See the above image - I just dipped a little, and put it on my hand to test it out. It turned out too much for the entire hand and when I spread it out, it was kind of thick and took some time to really absorb.
Well anyway, if you're not sure, check the bottle! There's a marking on the bottle to tell you how much you're supposed to use (1 tab per day):
After your 7 days span of using the product, it should reach the next '7' marking indicated on the bottle. Every month, use it for 7 days (or just 1 week).
I don't use this with other skincare products because of the sheer thickness of this - its like a gel, essence, mask, blah blah, all combined into one bottle and it's an intense treatment! I do think morning and night usage is a little too much to use at once. For me, I'm going to switch to using it just before I sleep at night, for the next 6 days.
For those with sensitive skin, I really don't advise you use this product day and night as it contains alcohol properties and you may end up backfiring your beauty plan.


- Product seems promising, what appeals to me are the addition of yellow bits containing vitamin C, to help the clearing of dead skin cells and also help provide brightening effect)
- After night time use (first time use) and I wake up the next day, I actually notice a slight improvement in my skin texture.
- Feels cooling.
- Smells a little like antiseptic lotion after leaving it on skin for a while (during absorption)
- Contains alcohol which can be drying or might not be good for some people with sensitive skin.
- Doesn't absorb into your skin very easily
Overall, this is a nice product during first use and makes my skin feel fresh. I will continue another 6 days with this and see if my skin gets brighter and nicer! :D
Rating: 3.8/5

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