Bimi Kaiho - Japanese Eatery

Bimi Kaiho - Japanese Eatery

Today I'm going to share a little about a Japanese eatery which has been tucked away from busy Singapore in International Plaza for many years. 

Some people might know the way, but its name - Bimi Kaiho - may not come to mind as the eatery's signage board is all in Japanese. The owner is also Japanese, it seems, as I hear him blabbering away in Japanese during my visits to this place.

The place is really small though, but I do like the rustic Japan decor.

It's big as it looks. Nothing bigger.

Lovin' this beer ad. So 1950s.
Packed with patrons during lunch hour, Bimi Kaiho served simple, traditional Japanese favourites with affordable pricing. It's menu is nothing fancy too, just binded with laminated paper. Whatever that's on the wall is on that menu, so really, there's not much need to refer to it. 

Simple Looking Menu

The eatery serves interesting dishes like Zosui (Kaki Oyster $11.50, Yasai Vegetable $8), Saraudon ($10), Hiyashichuka ($10), Nabeyaki Udon ($13) and more! Of course you'll have the normal sets, going from $13 and above. 

I ordered the Udon set ($15.50), which comes with any 1 item of your choice (seafood tempura, tonkatsu pork, tori karaage, yakiniku or cream croquette). It also comes with chanwanmushi (steamed egg), which I simply love. I chose to have the tonkatsu pork, which turned out to be a pretty good choice!

Slurpilicious noodles. :)

I loved how the tonkatsu was fried to perfection. While on the oily side, the meat was really tender and the outer layer was crispy and the entire combination was lovely. Eat it together with piping hot udon noodles? OOH-LA-LA.

My friend had the Katsudon (Pork Cutlet) for $13. It comes with soup, rice and a simple garden salad. 

According to her, it was pretty good too.

I'm also surprised that many people store their bottles of sake here, so I took some photos for you:

One of my favourite bottles. They even bothered to decorate it!
Summary: You want affordable, Japanese food and friendly staff. Bimi Kaiho should be one of your top choices. What's more, the environment and decor is very Japanese. While eating, take a walk down the daydream valley and imagine that you're in Japan for a holiday! (It's not that hard, really.)

Entrance of eatery - Bimi Kaiho

When you've reached International Plaza (Tanjong Pagar), take the escalator next to 7-11 convenience store on the first floor. Once at the second floor, turn right and walk all the way straight. You'll find Bimi Kaiho right at the end of the walk.

My Ratings (the higher the score, the better it is!)
Food: 3 / 5
Ambience: 3.5 / 5
Bang for your buck (Value): 3 / 5
Service: 3.5 / 5

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