Belif’s Peat Aqua Bomb Moisturizer

Belif’s Peat Aqua Bomb Moisturizer

Today I will be reviewing another one of Belif's Signature product, the Aqua Bomb Moisturizer!

Previously, I have mentioned that I will be reviewing my Belif Beauty Haul, so here it is!
 Just 50ml, but there's still alot left after 1-2 months of use! I use it on alternate days only, though. :)
How I use it:
1. Dab my finger into the bottle, lightly.
2. Dab the finger with the moisturizer on my face. I usually dab it on 5 points - 2 on the cheekbone, 1 on the nose directly, 1 on the chin and 1 on the forehead.
3. Smear it quickly and tap for better absorption.
4. I also rub my hands together to generate some heat, then cup my both hands on my cheeks.
The fourth step helps to let the product sink into my skin better! :)


- Easy absorption
- Lightweight, after it dries, you almost don't feel anything on your face other than a light 'shield'.
- Doesn't look oily after application. Even on my nose.
- Pricing is reasonable for this product and is comparable to Laneige's Water Bank Gel Cream, although the latter does feel better.
I do like this product and I feel that it feels refreshing on my face. I also love the colour of the product! I felt that it could have been better scented, though. I'm very motivated by smells. Haha.

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