Too Cool For School - Egg Mousse Pack

Too Cool For School - Egg Mousse Pack

Today, I'm going to share a very egg-citing product with you! Wheee!
This is a very wonderful quick fix mask for lazy people, like myself, who also want best of both worlds: Time saved and skin smoothed. :)
Ta-dah! I present to you the Egg Mousse Pack by Too Cool For School!

In fact, when I tell my friends about Too Cool for School, they have no idea it was from South Korea! Well, it is. I love South Korea's cosmetics. It is very good for Asian skin. Seriously.
This product is modeled like a whip cream bottle. hahaha.
Brighten your face with egg type nutrients!
Anyway, no more raving about my love for South Korean cosmetics. I'm sure you could tell from my product reviews that I have alot of South Korean products (haha!).
The product contains about 100ml of foam goodness.
How I use it:
1. Dispense a small ball of foam on your palm. Make sure face and hands are dry.
2. Quickly and lightly massage product in for a few seconds.
3. Leave it to sink in for a bit (you'll see product disappearing into skin)
4. Wash face thoroughly with some warm water and pat dry with face towel.
Aaaaand you're done!
The entire process takes less than 3 minutes (Say hello to the new lazy beauty)! When I doze off and forget to do my usual skincare routine, I use this the next morning when I wake up! Of course, you don't have to use this everyday.  Instead of my 20 to 30 minute mask routine, I use this when I'm seriously feeling lazy, and still am able to reap the benefits of clear, bright skin! :)
I'm going to cut to the chase and just share my main likes (plus sign) and dislikes (minus sign) about the product.


- It's quick and easy to use.
- Skin feels light and clean (and smooth!) after washing off product.
- Skin looks brighter after use!
- Can be used for a long time.
- Pump is a little hard to control at times. Which makes it a little hard to control the amount dispensed during the first few tries.
In summary, I love this product! Do check out their website for other products. So far, this is one of their star products!
This is a South Korean product! Not sure why they are trying to package it like it was from London or something!
Do check out their Facebook page for more information on Too Cool For School Singapore.
They currently have 3 stores available: Vivocity, Far East Plaza and Westgate.
Rating: 4.8/5

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