Kkanbu Chicken 깐부치킨

Kkanbu Chicken 깐부치킨

[South Korea, Seoul] Founded in year 2006 amongst the saturated fried chicken market in South Korea, we arrived at Kkanbu Chicken one evening and tried it for ourselves. From franchise to franchise, we wanted to know the taste of their fried chicken that has enable their brand to open 200 franchised stores in the span of 8 years (as at year 2013). 200 stores is no small feat! 

Specialising in fried chicken, the menu also boasts a few other sides, like top shell, sausages, and fries. We only ordered the fried chicken, and it was for takeaway!
We ordered half of their crispy chicken for trying.

The takeaway box contained the fried chicken order (duh), a can of coke, and radish, as well as their sauce.
We had takeaway for this fried chicken, and after 30 minutes (till we reached home), it still remained warm and crispy!
I loved the chicken here, it was really crispy and didn't have oil dripping out of the chicken while enjoying it, unlike some fried chicken we know of.  The chicken skin was also not starchy. Super loved it!
 The wing.
 If you plan to eat in, their store is a simple, yet chic setting. Also, expect small bins with clean plastic bags for you to throw your chicken bones after enjoyment of the meat. Tissue papers are also apparent on all tables when we visited.

Kkanbu Chicken 깐부치킨 (Mecenatpolis Mall)
Address : 418-1, Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Telephone : 02-337-2456

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