Bath & Body Works: Shimmer Mist

Bath & Body Works: Shimmer Mist

Today I'm going to share about this lovely shimmer mist I got this as a gift recently and here's my short review on it! Known as the White Citrus Shimmer Mist from Bath & Body Works, this mist is also part of their signature collection.

I'm not really the glamour type girl, and this as a gift was leaving me bewildered! haha. I use it when I go out at night, so when the street light hits, my companions will be able to see a little shimmer on me.

Brand: Bath & Body Works
Product Name: White Citrus Shimmer Mist
Size: 236ml

Pump spray

Super shiny liquid sitting in the bottle!

Note: Shake gently before spray.

Shiny Shiny! (This shimmer is only after 1 small pump!)

I love its smell, its well-balanced citrusy smells leaves you smelling fresh. I'm just not sure how people will take to it being shimmery as there's really alot of shimmer in this, so if you want to avoid looking so 'shiny', be careful with how many times you're spraying this on a single location.

Just smear it over other areas if you accidentally spray too much!

Ratings: 3.5 / 5

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