A'Pieu Korean Beauty Brand

A'Pieu Korean Beauty Brand

No, it's not the way we spit. It's the name of a South Korean beauty brand, and I love their products I tell you!

Just a quick round-up & review of my purchases from A'Pieu just during my recent trip to South Korea:

Creamy Dome Blushers (Peach and Pink)
These dome shaped blushers are not that easy to use, because we need to find the right strength when rolling these 2 babies on the face. After you roll it correctly on your face, just use a blush brush to smooth it out and you're done!
 Here are the shades for reference (Peach on left, Pink on right):

Magic Pore Cover Balm
Time to cover some pores with this product!

 It comes with a cushion for easy application. I don't recommend using this after makeup though, because I've tried it and found it hard to use. But before make up, this balm is a good try for covering up pores.
 Scoop some up with the cushion and apply!
I'm not exactly wowed by this product, and if I really had to choose one, I will go with the Pore Booster Primer though (See below).

Pore & Aqua Booster Primers

In blue: Aqua booster primer. In Green: Pore booster Primer
 I tried these primers on in the store and I fell in love with them! They all come in a squeeze bottle with a long mouth tip for neat application.
 Squeezed some pore primer out! This primer, upon application, makes the skin smooth and matt. So easy to put on makeup after using this!
 Here's the aqua primer.
 What I love about the aqua primer is the liquid colour. Such a pearl type liquid, lovely sheen! When applied to the skin, the skin boasts some nice translucent sheen as well.

So Cool Leg Relaxing Gel
 This product consists:
- Skinny Complex: Some caffeine, Myoxinol
- So cool agent: Peppermint Oil, Menthol
How to use: After showering, wipe your legs dry and use the rollers to massage the gel into main areas of your thighs and calves upon application. After usage, make sure to wipe the gel off the rollers clean for easy and neat storage.

It comes in a shape where your hand can rest and get a good grip on the bottle during application. I did find the gel really relaxing and super, super cooling. It will continue to be very cool for the next 1 hour or so. Be prepared. haha!

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