Yoogane 유가네닭갈비

Yoogane 유가네닭갈비

[South Korea, Seoul] Hello! Today, I will be talking about the famous Yoogane Chicken Kalbi Store 유가네닭갈비 (South Korea)! :D
Honestly, I love Yoogane 유가네, alright? Last year during my Seoul trip, I went to the Myeongdong store 3 times. This year, I went there 4 freaking times and all 3 different stores at that!

Gangnam Branch
Water is served at every table. That's something that I love about eating in South Korea!
Their stores have similar designs! Most of them have graffiti filled walls, done by artists.

This warm soup is only served in Gangnam. The 2 other branches I went to didn't serve this.
I love this ramyeon 라면! I end up ordering this ALL THE TIME. haha.
I also tried this sticky noodle, also known as Chulmyeon 쯜면. Its really very very chewy! Texture wise, the ramyeon works better for me.
Each Yoogane has a self service bar, where you can get your fill of pickled radish, kimchi, kimchi cold soup (I think) and some salad. When I went to all 3 branches, I didn't take it at all. I don't really like their sides. :*(
Metal spoons and chopsticks are at the sides of every table! Most of the restaurants in South Korea are like this. I think it is a very efficient method as customers don't have to keep asking the service staff for water or cutlery. The service staff has full attention on serving and helping to cook the food.
I noticed that many locals ordered the marinated chicken kalbi fried rice 닭갈비철판볶음밥 (6,000 won per portion). I ordered it too, but it didn't quite match up to the kalbi ramyeon mix we had. We added mozzarella cheese to cover some of the kimchi flavour as PJ doesn't like the kimchi taste.

It's ready!
Char-grilled Kalbi 숯불 닭갈비 (10000 won for 1 pax portion)

Yoogane's Marinated Chicken Kalbi 유가네 닭갈비 (8,000won for 1 pax portion)
You can choose to add on sides as well, the sticky noodles and ramyeon noodles we had costed 1,500 won per portion.
The staff will go around the store to cook for customers. So, don't worry if he just leaves the uncooked chicken in your pan! For the fashion conscious, you don't have to worry about getting any chicken sauce spurting on your clothes. Just ask them for an apron and they will gladly pass one to you (the apron is in red, it is for all patrons! They won't give you what they use in the kitchen. haha!)
Ready to eat!!
Honestly, I noticed how some Koreans, if they're not having beer or soju, they would be having this popular fizzy drink (available in almost all their restaurants) called Lotte Chilsung Cider 롯데칠성사이다. It tastes like sprite / 7-up but is less sweet. :) I loved it. If you're up for it, especially while eating their meats or spicy food, just order this and ENJOY!

Gangnam Yoogane: Take the train to Gangnam station (Line 2). Go up to Exit 9 and turn right. Walk all the way straight (about 5 minutes). Watch out for Yoogane, which will be on your left.
Myeongdong Yoogane: Take the train to Myeongdong station (Line 4). Leave by Exit 8 . You should see the store - Olive Young. Turn left into the alley. Along the way, you will pass Nine Tree Hotel, which will be on your right. Continue walking straight about 1-2 minutes. Yoogane will be on your left. If you miss it, continue walking down (another 5-6mins). There will be another Yoogane on your right.
Hongdae Yoogane: Take the train to Hongdae station (Line 2). Leave by Exit 9 (You'll know you're at the right exit because there will be hoards of young people climbing up and down the stairs. *Evil Laugh*) Once you get up to the street area, turn left and you'll see a KFC. Walk down that street. At the second intersection, turn right and walk all the way down that path for about 1-3 mins (please keep right). Yoogane will be on your right. If you go at night, you will also be able to see some buskers performing, with huge crowds watching on.
Just another note, I realised that Yoogane has just opened shop in Singapore, Bugis Junction! I will try it out once the hype comes down a little. haha.

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