The Covent Gardent Tavern 코벤트가든

The Covent Gardent Tavern 코벤트가든

[South Korea, Seoul] We were hungry and tired. And just wanted a familiar type of food after our 6 hour flight to Seoul. So after we settled down, we visited Mecenatpolis Mall and we picked this western restaurant, and it turned out to be a good choice! 

The restaurant, half bar-half restaurant, was empty on the bar side but full on the restaurant side. 


Hapjeong / Hongdae

South Korea


Good For: 
Small Groups / Friends / Solo / Family

Approx. 3 minutes walk from Hapjeong Station

Let's Eat!

Pizza with Smoked Salmon and Spinach (19,000krw) 
Filled with spinach and smoked salmon on its top, it was also garnished with lemon zet, red onions and lemon dressing. It was a lovely pizza, which tasted healthy! The crust was crispy and enjoyable. They also gave some honey dip on the side, which was interesting as well, but I didn't dip much of it because I felt that the pizza was already good on its own. 

Tagliatelle with Cheese Stuffed Meatballs (17,000krw)
With homemade meatballs mixed with mozzarella and ragu sauce, this dish really made our day. It was so flavourful, we enjoyed every bit of it. We cleaned up the entire plate! 'Nuff said.

This is one place I will return to if I visit South Korea again and have cravings for pasta! 

The Covent Gardent Tavern 코벤트가든
Location: Mecenatpolis Mall, 1F (near Gate 3)

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