Pu Tien (莆田菜馆): Tampines Mall

Pu Tien (莆田菜馆): Tampines Mall

ARGH! I have not been blogging lately as my computer had died on me. Found out that it was due to a RAM problem. It's settled now! WHEEE! Praise the Lord!
So here I am, at Pu Tien Restaurant (莆田菜馆) as a form of celebration. Hurhur.

Such a dark photo of me taken by Melissa.
Melissa was already unhappy, waiting for Doreen's arrival for so long. haha.
While waiting, we were served with side dishes - Fried seaweed slices with peanuts, some sour radish appetizer.
The fried seaweed slices and peanuts were very shiok ! (Very nice!) And without trying the sliced white pickled radish, we told them to change it to the seaweed and peanuts for us because we just couldn't get enough of it.
Less than 10 minutes of ordering our food, it all got served up pretty quickly! AT ONCE! And yet we were thinking that we could wait for Doreen first. But anyway, it looked too good to be waiting for her, so we started munching away first. LOL.
Melissa said the Putien Lor Mee ($8.90) here was good, so we ordered the small version of it. It tasted alright, but I felt it could have been a little more flavourful. I did like how there were tons of ingredients inside, like mushrooms, vegetables, fried fish, etc.
It's also good to have it with their signature Putien chilli sauce!
100% Natural and Fresh! NAISE.
It really tasted good! So please go ahead and try this if you do patronise the restaurant.
My super favourite vegetable dish - Spinach with Eggs ($12.90 for small). The gravy is of a good consistency and has a tinted flavour of the salted eggs. The vegetables were cooked just nice. Everything about it made it a dish with flying colours.
Here's one of my favourite dishes - Sweet and Sour Pork with Lychee ($12.50 for small). This has to be one of my favourite dishes in Putien. :)
We also had stir-fried yam ($11.90 for small). It was good, but it tasted like a calorie buster as it tasted like it was coated with a fresh film of caramel.
Lastly, we ordered the shredded meat with bun ($11.70 for 3 pax portion), also another signature of the restaurant. We were served with this triangular plastic bags, and upon opening them...
They were gloves! So considerate, they even provided gloves so you won't dirty your hands eating the dish.

So... take some of this shredded meat...
Put it into the centre portion of the golden deep fried sesame topping bun...

TA-DAH! Ready to eat!
I would also like to add that I like the service of the wait staff. They were professional and friendly, despite having a full house of customers. :)
4 Tampines Central 5, #B1-27, Singapore 529510 (Tampines Mall)
Tel: (+65) 6781 2162
My Ratings (the higher the score, the better it is!)
Food: 3.8 / 5
Ambience: 3.8 / 5
Bang for your buck (Value): 3.8 / 5
Service: 4.2 / 5

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