Hongdae Officetel 홍대 오피스텔 (Airbnb Singapore)

Hongdae Officetel 홍대 오피스텔 (Airbnb Singapore)

[South Korea, Seoul] Through a recommendation of my friend who travels often, I got to know Airbnb Singapore! Honestly, I was super glad I got to know about it!
Airbnb Singapore offers cheaper pricing than hotels, a great way to travel on budget.
Well, while I love hotel decor, but it was a hefty investment for me to stay in one as I was going to stay in Seoul for 2 whole weeks!
So after much research and comparison, I found Choi's apartment! FYI - I stayed here for a whole 11 days!

Secure door system. Good security. (Image was blurred out on purpose)
The 3 remote controls to control the TV, air-con and cable in the house!
The view outside the house~
Upon entering...
The computer / TV table. The table is long and useful for daily makeup use! :D *Happy girl*
Here's a view of the bed. The bed is actually bigger than it looks in photos. The aircon is directly situated above the bed, it can get a little cold sometimes. The bed is a little too hard for me, and the pillows are a little too soft. But it's something I could live with.
The queen sized bed!
All the daily necessities are provided. Except for toothbrushes and toothpaste of course! (Get your own!)

Here's a view of the toilet~
The security phone (which allows you to see who is ringing your bell outside your house) and the heater control (below)
I love this super compact kitchen! There's also a washing machine - we washed our clothes everyday!
We felt really at home. We made meals in the house! (No, we bought the pizza. Duh. haha)
We even made meals in the house! :)
Handy dandy microwave for your use.
*Please view the apartment page for nicer photos. haha! He really took accurate and good photos of the place*
In summary, I loved this place for its good location. It was located just at the Hongdae's exit 3. The hip hongdae exit 9 is just 2-3mins away, well, depending on how fast you walk. haha! Well, there's no need to walk outside the subway so it's good. No need to be exposed to the elements! We felt right at home at this place and it was a comfortable accommodation for us. Choi was also very friendly and he always replied us very quickly through kakaotalk whenever we had questions about the house.
He provided everything, from a vacuum cleaner, to washing powder, detergent, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toilet paper, utensils, cutlery, etc. Basically everything you require will be there. The apartment is also lift accessible and is good for people who have heavy luggage or travelling to the airport! This place is directly connected to the airport subway as well. :)
This place has strong and stable wifi connection. Very good for staying connected to your friends/family. For those who wants to watch some TV, I would have to share that the channels are written in Korean and might prove difficult navigating around it for programmes.
All in all, for those looking for a great apartment to stay in, this is one apartment I would strongly recommend!
Ratings scale (Lowest is 1, Highest is 5)
Location: 4.6
Facilities (in the house): 4.2
Bedding: 3.5
Cleanliness: 3.8 (as it S.Korea was very dusty hence our apartment somehow ended up dusty everyday!)
Value: 4.5
*A huge sorry to my host-pal, Choi. I was super busy and almost forgot to write a review on his place!*

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