Rose De Courrèges Eau De Parfum

Rose De Courrèges Eau De Parfum

I'm only doing this now, but this perfume, known as Rose De Courrèges, have been in the fragrance market since year 2012. French Fashion House, Courrèges, the baby of French designer André Courrèges (who is famed for his futuristic 'space age' clothes collection in year 1964). He was one who is said to have sparked the respectable fashion of mini-dresses (mini dress skirts).

Space Age - Andre Courreges
With this modern eau de parfum, it is a fragrance which is full of feminine charm - or so they say.
Fragrance notes: 
Top notes: bamboo leaf, peach and pink grapefruit
Middle notes: Rose, violet and cherry blossom
Base notes: Lotus, amber and musk.

The Rose De Courreges
Personally, after trying this product, I think it smells like the smell you get after you get over with a nice bubble bath. The powdery smell lingers on for the first 10 minutes, but very quickly fades into the moonlight.
But unlike other rose fragrances, this is pleasant to my nose and exudes a soft fragrance, with slight rose scent which does not overpower.  Definitely a keeper for those who loves rose scents. A gentle warning though - respray is needed, probably every once in a while.
Retail Price: $69 (30ml, $129 (90ml) - Available for purchase at Sasa Singapore
Rating: 3.8 / 5

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