Laneige 2014 Serum Intense Lipstick

Laneige 2014 Serum Intense Lipstick

Today, I'm going to talk about Laneige's 2014 Serum Intense Lipstick, a.k.a the LED Lipstick! YAY!
Bold colours, moist, plump lips. You will be able to find this in their new LED Lipstick series. I bought 2! One is the YR24 Twinkle Coral and the other is R12 Luminous Red.

Recently, as I like to go for the bold-lips-pale-face look, so these 2 lipsticks serve me well for this purpose.

Super bold red. 
Super bold coral.
At the first look, they don't look much different from other lipsticks out there. But you know what, there is a difference. You will feel it when you apply it!
The lipstick feels so moist and makes your lips stand out so much! Before using this, please make sure you moisturise your lips first and make sure there's no flaking skin before applying. Because this lipstick will attract attention to it.
Here, on the left, you see the luminous red as its applied on my skin. On the left is the twinkle coral.
The luminous red leans towards the fuchsia colour instead of totally looking blood red. The coral stays true to its colour when applied. In fact, after using both, I feel that the coral lipstick is brighter and bolder than the red. I LOVE IT. And I'm saying it with caps.
The only thing I have issue with it is that it is so moist, I have to keep reapplying it because when I drink water, it stains the cup - badly. Don't believe me? See this picture (below).
Btw, the lipstick mark on the left is twinkle coral, and the one on the right is the luminous red.
So bold right? I even did two colours to show you, on a white cup, too! These are its 'true' colours. :)
Other than the fact that it leaves stains on cups when I'm drinking, I'm giving this a high rating because I really love its boldness and wetness. Seriously.
I don't even have to use gloss as it is already that glossy! It truly lives up to its LED name. :)
Me with the luminous red!
Purchase at: All Laneige counters in major department stores
Cost: $34 for 1 lipstick
Rating: 4.2 / 5

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