DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom Perfume

DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom Perfume

The scent of spring
I tried the DKNY Fresh Blossom today! Wheee! Let's look at the promotional ad for this product, shall we?
Whaaa...t?  Have you guys seen this?
I mean, I knew he was probably going to show up at her doorstep but my first reaction was still like, "Stalker Guy!" She probably never saw that coming, just look her her expression when she opened that door. Just pure seduction of the sensuous green apple (not to mention it lured him from the opposite building at that?!) Seriously?
But hey hey, that's just the video. HAHA. That was some LOLs.
Let's talk about the perfume now. First up, I love the bottle design. Totally apple-y. It's nice and round. But for clumsy people like me, who has fat fingers, I don't think I will be able to maneuver the bottle like the model did in the commercial. Totally professional and seductive. I'd be glad I don't accidentally slip it out of my hands.

Too round for my comfort. Reminds me of my sad waist.
About the fragrance, this is one thing I like that they've done well. First sniffs upon spraying it: DELIGHTFUL like the spring flowers in blossom in front of my eyes.
Sadly, after 2 minutes, most of the smell had dissipated into a lingering musky, powdery scent. But I do like the light, slightly musky whiffs I occasionally get from this perfume, which I notice about 15 mins of spraying it on. I won't actually say it smells delicious, it in fact leans towards a flowery smell than the fruity smell - which I would have appreciated more. (I simply love fruity smells)
For this perfume, however, I don't think it'll last me the day (think about Singapore's HOT HUMID WEATHER!). But I'm pretty confident it'll last me till noon - which is high time for a respray after lunch anyways.
Fragrance Notes: Grapefruit, Cassis, Apricot, Muguet, Rose, Jasmine, Apple, Blond Woods, Smooth Skin Accord
When I was checking the notes out, I was wondering, what the heck is 'Smooth Skin Accord'? I did some light checking on google, only to find out it was some slick marketing term for 'Musk'. I LIKE MUSK. Just use the damn word! LOL.
Just in case you're also wondering...Blond wood a.k.a Cashmeran - another term for a musk-type ingredient.
Musk is sexy. Smooth Skin Accord is like... a word which is probably more apt on a skincare product. (I say this with much love.)

Overall, I think this is a nice perfume to add to my lunchtime perfume collection! What more, there's a cool 1-for-1 promotion now at Sasa Singapore! Buy the 100ml and they'll give you the 50ml too! While stocks last only, promotion till 27 April 2014.
So just go and try it. If you like it, now's a good time to get this!
Usual Price: $128 (100ml), $58 (50ml)
Rating: 4/5

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