Belif's Peat Miracle Revital Serum Concentrate

Belif's Peat Miracle Revital Serum Concentrate

Today I will be reviewing one of Belif's Signature product, the Peat Miracle Revital Serum Concentrate! Previously, I have mentioned that I will be reviewing my Belif Beauty Haul, so here it is!
As you can see from the bottle, I'm only reviewing this after some use of the product! Wheeee! I love this product and am religiously using it for my skincare essence step every morning while prepping to go to work.
I love the easy pump dropper, especially when I see it take up some of the miracle essence. :D

Anyway, set aside my quirky habits, this product is really watery and not oily AT ALL (for all you oily skins out there), this is THE PRODUCT!! There is only 1 size available - the 30ml bottle. Sounds little? But with each use, you only need about 1-3 drops, so 30ml will last you a very long time. I have a big face (how many times do I have to emphasize this!), but  I'm only about a quarter into the bottle after about 1-1.5 months of use.
Once it gets absorbed (really quickly, about 10 secs max), you start to see your skin lighten slightly. After about 1-2 weeks of use, my skin looks brighter and feels softer.
Despite its petite frame, this product packs a punch and is a really good product to include in your skincare regiment. It retails for $85 at all Belif counters.
Rating: 4.2/5

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