Strictly Pancakes: Prinsep Street

Strictly Pancakes: Prinsep Street

Today, we are at Strictly Pancakes. We went about 10am in the morning, and there were already many people at the joint. Shophouse-styled, the joint has 2 levels. We went upstairs and because all the normal height-ed tables were already taken up, we were left with no choice but to take the sofa chair ones. The table was lower than usual but I guess we could all make do.

We are at Strictly Pancakes!
The decor of the place was nice, with some natural sunlight shining in from the top where I sat.

Nicely decorated wall.

The clocks on the wall told the difference between Prinsep and Siglap. Apparently there's a minute difference.

Nicely lighted area.
We were given the menu and was super excited as we saw that there were sweet and savory items in the menu. One of the savory items was garlic prawns and pancakes. My friend was looking forward to ordering that but when we were ready to order, the waitress said they do not sell anything else than the breakfast items (Say what??). We chose the breakfast items and wanted to order drinks. My friend had the milkshakes before and said it was very good. So we wanted to order vanilla milkshake and they shared that they don't sell any vanilla based items, only chocolate based ones (HUH?!). We also asked for more butter, but it was chargeable at $0.50 a cube, extra maple syrup also costed $1 extra (SERIOUSLY?). But anyway, I ended up ordering just Earl Grey.   =__=

Order only from here, please!
That put us off slightly. Well, I'm not sure if it's just the location, but as I know it, this is the main store! So why the lack of items, I cannot comprehend. And the cost of the available menu is so costly, you might think that the condiments should already be accounted for. Even the additional ones. Anyway, as long as they have the pancakes, we're staying to try it!

Only this page is order-friendly in the entire menu. :(
Apparently, each order of pancake only comes with strictly 1 cube of butter and a small tube of maple syrup. (Now I know why they're called Strictly pancakes!)
We ordered all their 4 types of butter - Salted, unsalted, Rum + Raisin, Garlic + Herb. My favourite was the salted butter and Garlic + Herb.

The butter and maple syrup servings.

Rum + Raisin butter.
But apart from the hullabaloo of the huge lack of items and the costly butter , the breakfast served was good. Pancakes, their signature item, was done to almost perfection. Pancakes were fluffy and not flat, it was soft it almost melted in my mouth.

The All American Breakfast
On the sides, they had quail egg with tomato, bacon and a chipolata. It was a really nice combi, but for me, I have such a huge appetite for breakfast, so I added scrambled eggs. Look at how liquid-y those scrambled eggs are. It's my style. Also because the quail egg is so small. (What's breakfast without the real taste of eggs?)
My friends had the simpler version though, just scrambled eggs and bacon.
My verdict: Worth a try, but don't expect much other than the breakfast items alone.
Location: 44A Prinsep Street, Singapore 188674 (They have another branch at Upper East Coast)
Tel: 6333 4202
Rating: 3.5 / 5 (They would have received a higher rating from me if there were more choices to choose from!)

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