Diorsnow BB Creme White Reveal UV Protection SPF 50 PA+++

Diorsnow BB Creme White Reveal UV Protection SPF 50 PA+++

I was shopping around and chanced upon this pretty $87 Diorsnow BB Creme White Reveal UV Protection SPF 50 from Dior (PHEW! What a long name!).

The bottle is not a very big one - to give you an estimate,it's just about the length from your middle finger's fingertip to the end of your palm. (Think regular sized palms and finger lengths, please.)
I tried the cream and here's what I think!
Upon applying a suitable amount of the product, I found it to be able to immediately lighten and brighten my skin, even under white light. Its fast absorption rate is also very attractive, as Singapore is often humid and my skincare + makeup takes a longer time to be absorbed into the skin.
This product boasts to be able to protect skin from harmful sun rays throughout the day, even under the "most extreme conditions". I can't tell if that's true as I've only tried it once. But the claim of showing radiance does stick pretty well.
After applying the cream and letting it settle into my skin for a while, I still could smell whiffs of its lovely scent on my skin! I love almost everything about it, except its size! Because I have a huge face, so I'm worried it might not last me very long.
There are 3 available shades: 004 Rosy White, 010 Beige and 020 Medium Beige.
010 and 020 are quite normal, and would do well for those looking for a targeted colour to be shown on the skin. However, my heart goes to 004!! The rosy white shade gives the skin an overall glow and lightens dark spots. It also helped cover some of my pores. If your skin belongs to quite fair to fair, you should probably check out the 004.
I would say it was well worth its price, and will be getting myself a bottle of this (in Rosy White) very soon!
Rating: 4.2/5

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