Belif UV Protector Daily Sunscreen Gel

Belif UV Protector Daily Sunscreen Gel

Today I will be reviewing Belif's UV Protector Daily Sunscreen Gel! Previously, I have mentioned that I will be reviewing my Belif Beauty Haul, and this is the very first post of all the products I have since gotten there!
I have already shared that all belif products are formulated using the Napiers original formula, so I will not be repeating that to bore you out. :)

Simply put, I really welcome this product in my makeup procedure.  It is good for everyday use and because of its gel-like texture, it gets absorbed really quickly when you use it on its own. However, if it is used on top of my other skincare products, I have to say that it takes about 5minutes to be completely absorbed. I usually don't wait so long for it, and before 5 minutes is up, I already will have slapped on my foundation, etc.
This product has a SPF of 30.
What I like about this is that it is a all natural product which doesn't contain mineral oil, any synthetic fragrances, colors, preservatives and animal-derived ingredients!
I also love the herbal smell it emits when I apply it. Their website I visited said that it gives a whitening effect and glow on your skin after use. However, I don't see the whitening effect at all, just the glow as it is a watery based gel sunscreen.
Unfortunately, this gel is really expensive to use for just 30ml in a bottle. While I like the texture, it is not the lightest sunscreen gel I have encountered before. Although the bottle claims to feel like applying watery essence on your face, it's true, but only if you're not using any other products before that.
Having said that, it's still light enough for everyday use - just make sure you prep more time for your skincare routine as this takes some time to be fully absorbed.
Rating: 3.8/5

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