Cat's Playground (고양이 놀이터): Cat Cafe

Cat's Playground (고양이 놀이터): Cat Cafe

[South Korea, Seoul] So today, we finally decide to be brave and step into a cat cafe in Myeongdong. There are many, this is just one of them! I just chanced upon this one and went up, didn't get a chance to take down directions! :(
But anyway, the sign is big and yellow, I'm sure you'll spot it somehow.
The cafe is situated on the 3 floor, don't bother taking the lift - I think it is down for repairs (at least during the time I was there). I walked up a steep and narrow staircase to reach the 3rd level, where it is fully occupied by the cafe.
Here's how the cafe looks like. Patrons are supposed to take off their shoes when they come in.
No wonder they call this the Cat's Playground! Warning: The cats do not care about humans walking around. These are cats (mainly fat ones) who have been used to kind humans roaming around their area.
I had much fun just by looking at these cats strutting around!
Korean kids playing and taking photos of the cats.
My friend, So Hee, was nice to join us! She said it was her first trip to a cat cafe too. :P But she has her own cats anyway, so there was no need for her to spend money hanging out at one. Hurhur.
PJ, was just getting settled in at the cafe. She was pretty freaked out by it initially!
Seems like PJ got used to it already.
I was just going around the cafe to take photos of the cats. Cats are the kings here! Here's one that I really like - with a pretty napkin!
Here's a coy one.
I loved this fat one, with the pretty blue collar! Just look at it from the back... lazing around hahahaha.
My drink at this cafe costed about 6,000won. It is compulsory for everyone to get a drink here, take it like an admission fee of sorts. Just watch your drink as cats sometimes pounce on the table! But don't worry, I haven't seen them lick anyone else's drink. LOL.
All in all, this place is fun! Check out one of the cat cafes while you're in Korea, it's a place you should try at least once in your life (unless you're allergic to cats).

Cat's Playground (고양이 놀이터)
Location: 66-4 Myeong-dong Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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